Montana Holster





This holster and shoulder rig is great for bow hunting, horseback riding, ATV riders, fishing, hiking, backpacking…any sport that you need freedom of movement and COMFORT while packing a handgun.

 If your gun is under the seat of your vehicle or hanging in a tree because it is uncomfortable or too heavy to carry on your hip, it will do you no good when you need it.

All holsters and shoulder belts are built by hand (by me) using premium American tanned Herman Oak Leather and are fully lined with upholstery leather. These rigs are made to be used. All work is guaranteed. If you can tear it up or wear it out, I will replace it with a new one.

Hardware is between the outer leather and lining leather so it does not scratch your gun.

This rig evenly distributes the weight of your gun between hip and shoulder. The belt is cut on a contour so it will not dig into your neck.

All holsters can be worn on hip alone, or with shoulder belt. There is a snap on the back of the holster that connects to your waist belt when worn with the shoulder belt. The belt loop is riveted on all the holsters.

All products are finished with pure neatsfoot oil and Tankote conditioner. With exposure to light, the leather will turn a rich, amber brown, the 500 cartridge holder is a good example of this.

My carry gun is a S&W 500. I came up with this rig because it was too heavy to pack on my hip. I mainly use it on pack trips and archery hunting in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. I wear it on the ride in, unloading pack stock , setting up camp..all hands free. I needed something easy to put on and take off without alot of straps hanging me up and comfortable as well.

We have holsters that fit many guns, both in left and right hand, including Colt Python, Ruger Redhawk, Ruger Blackhawk, Ruger Alaskan, Ruger Vaquero, Smith & Wesson 500, S&W Governor, S&W Model 629, S&W 329PD, S&W M&P 40  Shield, M&P 9 Shield, Taurus Judge 45-410, Taurus Raging Judge, Taurus Raging Bull Model 454, Taurus Tracker .357 & .44 Magnum,

Glock 17 19 20 21 22, Beretta FN57 FS92 FS94, Kimber Full Size, Kimber Commander, Kimber Ultra, Kimber Camp Guard 10,..just to name a few.  **ALL HOLSTERS AND SHOULDER BELTS ARE IN STOCK  AND READY TO SHIP UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED**






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