Welcome to Montana Holster and Shoulder Rig


  This shoulder holster and belt rig is great for bow-hunting, horseback riding, ATV riders, fishing, hiking, backpacking..any sport that you need freedom of movement and COMFORT while packing a handgun. If your gun is under the seat of your vehicle, or hanging in a tree because it is uncomfortable or too heavy to carry on your hip, it will do you no good when you need it.

      I make all holsters and shoulder belts using premium American tanned Hermann Oak leather. All products are fully lined using vegetable tanned leather. Hardware is between the outer leather and lining leather, so it does not scratch your gun. They are built for comfort and durability and made to be used.

      I have used my shoulder rig extensively on horse pack trips and archery hunting for elk in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area in Montana. My carry gun is the 500 S&W 4" barrel. We ride on horseback 23 miles into the Bob Marshall, which is a 7 hour ride. I wear my shoulder rig the entire ride in, unloading the pack stock, and setting up camp. I don't take it off until I go to bed. Once again, if your gun is not handy when you need it, it is of no use.

      This rig evenly distributes the weight of the gun between hip and shoulder. The belt is cut on a contour so it lays flat on your shoulder and won't dig into your neck.

      All holsters are made to be worn on the hip or with the shoulder belt (with the exception of the 1911 Ultra holsters, which are hip carry only). On the holster, there is a snap on the back to connect to your waist belt or belt loop.

     All products are finished with Pure Neatsfoot oil, to soften and preserve, and Tan-Kote, which provides a protective and mellow finish. This quality leather will soften with use, and darken with age to a deep, rich brown.

Our inventory includes : left and right hand Kimber Full size holsters, Kimber Commander holsters and Kimber Ultra holsters. We also have left and right hand Ruger Redhawk, Ruger Blackhawk and Ruger Vaquero holsters, Smith and Wesson 500, 454 Casull, and 460 holsters. In addition, we have holsters for the Taurus Judge and Raging Judge, Ruger Alaskan,Beretta FN 57,FS92+94, Glock 20 and 21, Ruger P89,P90,P91,S&W Governor ....just to name a few.